Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am happy to say that progress is being made here--right here in my heart.  As I am aware and acknowledging of His constant presence in my life, it brings a calmness to my spirit that is so refreshing. 

One of the things I have established in my life is walking.  I know, sounds like I have completely changed the subject.  I started seriously walking sometime last December.  The reason I remember the month is not because I journaled it, but because Grace and I walked on Christmas Eve, it was that nice of a day.  (Sure would like snow this Christmas, Lord!)  I was six months away from turning 50.  The Lord’s desire for me (which became my desire) was to begin walking and strive to be as healthy as I could be.  I put aside the motivation of wanting to lose those ever-elusive 10 pounds, and instead began being more concerned for a healthy heart.  I knew that as I focused on my health the weight would come off—or it wouldn’t.  That didn’t matter to me anymore.

I started walking about a mile and progressed from there.  It soon became a habit.  I missed it when I couldn’t walk.  One reason I miss it is because walking gives me some private time I enjoy with the Lord.  We live in a beautiful farming community.  I love the beauty as the four seasons change and praise Him for it.  I love being able to worship, mention my requests, intercede or just listen to His voice.  It is very calming for my spirit, and I also have the added benefit of health.  I am up to 2-3 miles, and I try to walk at least 5 times a week.  This has also helped me tremendously in dealing with any issues we face with Chels.

Progress is being made in the Spirit on the Chelsie front.  She is such a beautiful girl and is coming back to her ‘old self’ more and more.  We have been able to talk about things and above everything she knows that her dad, me and her little sis love her so very much.  God is working to will and do His good pleasure in her.  We stand on that.

Progress is good. 

God bless,


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  1. Glad you're walking. I've started working out and excercising, and boy oh boy, I notice a difference. Hugs and continued prayers.


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