Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Aye, aye aye!

…or Mama Mia!

or Give it a rest already!

or Step aside, lady, and LET ME DO MY JOB!

These are the humorous thoughts going through my brain.  The thoughts I imagine the Lord is saying to me.

Thoughts that make me giggle. 

Some more thoughts: 

Give it back.! 

If you don’t stop, I’m gonna _________! 

Or--and I really like this one--GRRRR!  (sometimes the frustration level moves beyond words and on into unintelligible sounds)!

But in all reality what He’s really saying is, “Let me finish what I have begun, dear daughter of mine."

I like that.

This new season is somewhat difficult for me as I am finding the balance between raising our 10-year old and having already raised Chels.  (Remember, I have no children in between).  I’m still in control/guidance mode with Grace.  But with Chels, she is an adult.  I have no control over her or her decisions, and that's as it should be.  I can only be her mom-friend, love her immensely and be there for her when she seeks guidance. 

I’m the type of learner that does best focusing on one thing at a time.  I can multi-task, but I can also quickly lose my ‘sense of balance’ when too many things are going on at the same time.  With every life issue I face, I see that my multi-tasking skills need to be honed so that both of my girls get their very best from me.  Oh how much I need to rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Having said all of that, letting the Lord continue doing the work He is doing in Chels has required me to relinquish my need to control.  Taking it out of God’s hands (as I mentioned in the previous post).  The wonderful thing is that He has been really quick to remind me when I’m trying to take over control, and even more of a miracle is that I have quickly given it back to Him—all fifteen times just today!

As for Chels, she is home.  She is becoming more like the Chels we know.  We can see her taking baby steps back to the Lover of Her Soul.  Sunny and I continue to confess over her appropriate scripture.  We continue to intercede for her and speak words of encouragement.  She is home. 

God bless,


(Thank you to those who have begun ‘following’ my blog, though I prefer the word ‘friends’.  I haven’t been able to upload that widget onto my sidebar for some reason.)


  1. Bless you guys. Praying you'll continue to persevere and be there and be a positive and spiritual influence in Chels' life. Keep pressing on, Brenda. And keep enjoying Grace. The years go by so quickly. I understand because there is a twelve and a half year difference in my two girls. Both now adults, tho.

  2. Praying, Brenda. You're on the right track, as you know.


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